Contributions to are welcome. Credit will be given by name or text link to your own site if requested.

We use photos of 500 pixels on the longest side, at whatever filesize is necessary to keep them readable. If you don’t have the photos in that size, send them anyway and we’ll adjust them (but no complaining about our photoshop ‘skills’)

We’re interested in any photos featuring Chinese characters as they appear in public. Signs with English on are welcome, but not if the photo is of mainly ‘comedy Chinglish’ value.

Artistic standards, as you can see, are not high. If your photos are beautiful, great – if not, we’ll use them anyway.

If you think you will be an occasional contributor, send your pictures (either in as a jpg or zip attachment or links to online copies) to sites at sinosense dot com, either via email or from your mobile phone (email or picture message are both ok). We might not use them all (we may have something very similar in the database already), but they will all be gratefully received.

If you are interested in contributing to the site regularly, contact us at the above address and we’ll get you set up with the accounts needed to contribute directly via a web interface, email or your mobile.

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