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  1. kudra says:

    on the same date, Quest posts
    “I guess that’s like how Guangzhou natives often refer to their language as Guangzhouhua/baihua instead of Guangdonghua.” at

    funny how (we notice when) words pop up simultaneously in different places.

    Is Beckett St. the one way street or does the sign point the way to Beckett street?
    It’s not clear to me what 转街 means. “turning street” obviously doesn’t help. Is it a place to turn around and make a U-turn? Does the arrow (to the left) point to an entrance ramp to turn onto Beckett street? Is the arrow showing the direction of travel, or the direction to Beckett Street? At first I thought it might be a typo for 专 and guessed that 专街 might possibly mean “one way street.” None of these seem particularly likely to me.

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