请走东门 空驶出租车 敬告 宾客您好: 友谊宾馆车辆收费管理系统于2006年8月2日零时起试运行,请您予以配合。谢谢! 友谊宾馆

2 Responses to “DSC_1179”

  1. kudra says:

    a message to drivers or walkers? empty (unoccupied) [speeding] taxis, please use the east gate
    or pedestrians can find taxis at the east gate,( but they wouldn’t be standing — 驶 )

  2. Roddy says:

    Empty cabs, please enter by the east gate. I’m sure I’ve got the exact same wording on another sign somewhere, but this one was nicely written and used traditional characters, so included it anyway.

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