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  1. kudra says:

    该层赠送: should, level, send.
    guess: (you) should send a better[(next) level] (present).

    when I say guess, I don’t actually think that’s what it says.
    Obviously I’m missing something. Can you clarify plea

  2. Roddy says:

    This one suffers from the fact that I couldn’t get the whole advert in the shot. To the left is a picture of a very nice lobby area of a building with a lush garden outside, and to the right are details of an apartment complex. What it’s saying is (buy one of our apartments and ) get access to this floor free – ie, all residents have free use of the ground floor area.

    该 here means ‘this’, similar to 这, 此。 层 as in storey, floor, and 赠送 to present as a gift, often seen on free gift offers.

  3. Nick Young says:

    I am delighted that the world contains people who pursue such an esoteric sport

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