Are you cow enough?

一对四 你够牛吗? 全新至尊无霸

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  1. skylee says:


  2. chris says:

    Thank you, Roddy, for capturing this picture.

    Forgive my seriousness for a moment, but I have to say:

    The world is sick. More important than oil, than water, than money is the accelerating production of meat. And the hidden cost of every pound of meat is the brain attached to that meat: brains which feel kinship, fear, sadness, horror. Each pattie in a McD’s hamburger derives its meat from many many different cows, possibly from different continents. Most of those cows suffered before they died, many of them literally screaming. Yes, cows can scream. We’re not living on a planet so much as we are living on a Meat Ball. I’d like to find the double Big Mac funny. Ironic. Whatever. I’d like to laugh it off. But I can’t. I don’t see a sandwich. I just see the terror and senseless murder of innocent sentient beings squeezed between pieces of “bread” – bread, by the way, which is probably more akin to glue than actually sustenance. This makes me sad. Really sad. On a planet where undernourished human beings are ubiquitous, I find it criminal that this kind of consumption is considered acceptable.

  3. Roddy says:

    So have you tried one?

  4. Steve says:

    Do I translate the name correctly as “The all-new Supreme Master?” (Not what it literally says, but that seems like the intended meaning.)

    And here I thought Americans were as insane in the beef department as one could get.

  5. Brendan says:

    Skylee – is that the advertising jingle? The old one for the Big Mac in the States was just a rhythmic intonation of “Two-all-beef-patties special-sauce lettuce-cheese-pickles-onions on-a-sesame-seed-bun!”

  6. skylee says:

    Brendan – that was the tongue twister we learnt from the Big Mac ad when we were kids … and there were competitions etc … long time ago … looks like it is a translation of the one you mentioned.

  7. Clancy says:

    At the moment I am literally screaming as well.

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