Come come come


来来来 ?正品 进口内(衣)

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  1. Roddy says:

    Thanks to for this one. As you’ve probably noticed, has been down for the last week or so. An issue with the hosting company while I was on holiday was responsible. As a result I moved server, but in the process hit some problems and had to rebuild the database pretty much from scratch. As a result all photos, including those that were scheduled to take us through the next couple of months, are now available, but in very random order. Attribution to contributors may be patchy, and comments might not be attached to the correct photo – if you spot any problems let me know and I’ll fix it. Meanwhile, I have about 70 photos from my recent trip to HK and Guilin – will start uploading those tomorrow. Roddy
    Roddy @ 2005-06-11 15:30:13

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