Park Rules

游人须知 一.遗址公园,环境优美,人人爱护,利己利民; 二.珍惜花木,勿踏勿折,爱护公物,保护环境; 三.注重仪表,着装整齐,勿躺勿卧,维护观瞻; 四.注重安全,禁止赌博,凶器宠物,切勿入园; 五.珍惜绿化,车辆禁行,切勿设摊,兜售商品; 六. 山石小品,切勿攀登,服从管理,人人有责。

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  1. Roddy

    * I really love this part – ‘凶器宠物,切勿入园’. No scope left for using a chihuahua as an makeshift club . . .
    Roddy @ 2005-04-17 11:43:17
    * Haha, that’s a new one! Those clever Chinese always coming up with new and improved simplifications!
    Confucius @ 2005-04-17 11:49:54
    * Ah, yes, here is one of those great examples. All semantic concepts packed into just four syllables. Chinese is so amazing.
    David Moser @ 2005-04-17 14:46:17